only hit 650 on ccent, how soon should i reschedule..

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only hit 650 on ccent, how soon should i reschedule..


  • networker050184networker050184 Posts: 11,962Mod Mod
    As soon as you know all of the objectives.
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    I'd recommend going over the areas you were most weak at thoroughly. Its not so much how soon you should reschedule but rather how well you know the material you're being tested on.

    Take it easy.
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    As soon as you know all of the objectives.
    +1. Take whatever time you need to master the material, whether that be a week or a month.
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    I think it would vary a lot depending on how much time you have to study - personally, I would buckle down and read everything I could about the areas I did poorly in and reschedule either the next week, or the week after that. Gotta keep up that momentum!
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    Eddo1, what materials did you use to prepare for the test?
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    Make sure you identify your weak areas. No point in sitting the exam multiple times for the heck of it. They tell you the percentage of how you did on the different topics so use that. It is a good idea to do it while things are fresh but I don't think you should rush it.
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