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Anyone enrolled in or completed the Bachelor of Science in Information Networking and Telecommunications?

I am interested in the program, and was hoping someone might be able to provide some general information. The normal how do you like it, what are the classes and professors like type stuff.

Information Networking & Telecommunications (Computer Networking) - Fort Hays State University


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    cvuong1984cvuong1984 Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I took 2 courses with them prior to enrolling with WGU. All in all I like WGU's method alot more.

    FHSU Uses Blackboard as a medium, and there are actually Teachers(possibly even TAs') that monitor the class.
    Courses are online but they lay out of the course is similar if not exact to physical classes in terms of due dates and homework etc.

    Over all I liked it, if WGU wasn't available I would still be with FHSU. (In terms of cost to speed of completion etc)

    The teachers are alright, you would be part of a class and communication and participation is part of the grade.
    You will be required to respond to forum posts, work post by other students and what not.
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    cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    Years ago I easily transferred a whole bunch of credits to FHSU and last year I ended up getting my BS in Information Networking & Telecommunications through the Virtual College. Since I wanted to go slow this allowed me to pay only for whatever classes I could take that semester. Sometimes I was able to take only one class. Because of this it worked out better from a financial standpoint than WGU.

    Like cvuong1984 said, Blackboard is their main delivery method. Professors were OK and worked with me on a few occasions when I had to travel and couldn't meet deadlines. All classes had a clear syllabus that explained what was to be covered, what was expected of you, and how it would be evaluated. Some lectures were kind of old and in need of updating. The down side is that they change books a lot and if you get a previous edition you may need to do a lot of mapping to figure out page references they make to the newer books. For some classes they use that format were you buy a book but also need to buy 6 months online access to do practice exercises and homework. Even if you get a used book you are stuck paying for the subscriptions. Books in academia are just one big mafia.

    Anyway, overall it worked for me. Again, I knew it would take me a long time to finish my degree as I wouldn't be able to study continuously. I didn't have any issues and everything that required professor or university staff attention was handled promptly. Another big plus that may be of interest to some is that they accept students from basically anywhere, something that WGU doesn't provide.

    So in a nutshell, if you can commit the time and want to finish quickly, do WGU. If you anticipate taking a long time, FHSU may make more sense.

    Happy to answer further questions.

    I may do WGUs MSISA next year mainly because I am positive I can tackle it in 2 terms.
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    cvuong1984cvuong1984 Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Yes, completely forgot about the Textbooks...you can buy from their university or from Amazon/Half.com etc.
    But the few times I have bought from Amazon/Half they have came and were wrong editions (mainly Half.com).
    Ended up getting books from the campus store, and they do cost a ton, I dont think any books I have bought(again was like 2 classes possibly 3) but one of the book was hardcover only, and it was 90 bucks.
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