Icnd1 pass!!!!!!!!

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Its my time to jump on the ICD1 pass bandwagon. Just came back from testing center with a pass =)
Scored an 850, I could have done better if I put more attention to the WAN technologies.

Resources used:
Todd Lammle Study Guide,
CBT Nuggets
INE (a little dry but it was free and went more in depth in some topics)
Real Gear
Packet Tracer (When away from home)

There were some tricky questions in there that had me rereading the question like 5 times but its expected on a cisco exam.
Going to take the rest of the week off with Family, then hit the ICND2 materials next week

This is a great forum and seeing all the people that have passed the exam and posted some tips for everyone really helped me focus and keep me motivated. Thank you


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    Good luck on the ICND2.
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    Congrats! It's a damn good feeling, aint it? icon_cool.gif
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    Congrats on the pass and good luck for ICND 2
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    Well done mate
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    Well done.
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    Congrats man, that's great!!
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