Multiple Entry Level Certificates or A single Advanced Certificate.

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Hi Folk,

Just want to get the ideas,

Apparently I have completed MCITP Server Administrator (Which also known as MCSA 200icon_cool.gif.

However I am in the middle of making the decision if I should get MCSE Private Cloud (2 More Exam to Completed) which will cost me approximately $400. Or I should do other Entry Level Certificates (RHCSA, VMware Certificated Associate Desktop).

Honestly I have limited budget to spend for the exams,

My point is.

Which certificate you guys reckon I should do ? Completing MCSE Private Cloud OR Completing RHCSA and VCA4-DT ?

Will be very nice if you could give me the reason as well.

Thanks in Advance.


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    It might help if you were to describe your work duties, especially with respect to Redhat linux, private clouds, or VMWare.
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    Do you work for a primarily MS or primarily RH shop? Do you run Hyper-V or VMware?

    If you are using Hyper-V for primarily Windows based servers, it would make sense to go for MCSE:PC.
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    Honestly, I would prefer on Server Administrator (Windows and Linux) with Visualization.

    But I am a bit Concerned that if I only have Entry Level Certificates , The company won't even look at those certificates.

    I understand experiences are the key , but to attract HR I believe Certificates would be important.
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    My Primary Roles are First Level Windows 2008 and VMware. Again I have been told if I would like to move to a new Role, Linux (Red Hat) would also be required.

    My Point is , would most employers or HRs even look at Entry Level Certifications (MCSA 2008, RHCSA, VCA4-DT)?
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    I really hope someone answers this question. I had this question last year and got no answer. I am new to the forum . Lets hope to get a good answer. As you can see my Certifications list I started out with multiple entry level and started working towards advanced level on all of them.

    I started three individual tracks .

    MCP -> MCTS -> MCSA Windows Server 2012 -> MCSE Server Infrastructure
    CCNA -> Didnt have the cash to continue this track. I will start at the end of the year
    GSEC -> GCIH - Exams Pending to be written.

    I would like to achieve the RHCA and the CCIE next year. Thats the target. Company might not pay for both but at least one.

    I have achieved great results because of the certs. I have calls from a lot of Big Companies.

    Only thing. Should I stick to one. Or should I go advanced on these ones which I already have.

    I have 6+ years on all the above. I work on the lines of an Architect for Operating Systems and design strategies.
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    HR will look at the entry level certs, they are on the job listing for a reason. Now that said, anything beyond that is up to whether you want to stay within your company or move to another one, and what the duties are for that new position.
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    If your experience is entry level, then cert on entry level. Especially if you aren't really even at the level the entry level exam is testing for.
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    Chanakyajupudi - you might wanna look into this

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