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I'm in a Cisco Academy and just found this site about a month ago. So far it's been very helpful, especially the technotes on the OSI model. Just wondering, Has anyone been in the Cisco Adademy, and if so, is it worth staying the four semesters? Any info would be truely appreciated.


  • woodwormwoodworm Member Posts: 153
    I did all four semesters, though I never got round to taking the final exam.

    I thought it was really useful as I didn't know much of the content to start with so I learnt a lot (especially in the first two semesters), but I don't believe it prepares you for the CCNA exam (not that I have tried it so I don't know for sure!).

    I'd say if you're learning from it, then it's worth doing.
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    Hello, I'm also planning to enroll in Cisco Academy. And guess what it's very expensive. I don't know if this can help me to pass the exam but I do all my best to pass just to get my CCNA cert.

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    I trained for CCNA in a Cisco Academy and i can say although i paid thru
    my nose, it was worth every dime. The academy's curriculum contains too much information which made it difficult to retain some details as one progresses along. A big plus for the academy is the way vital labs are integrated at the end of each chapter in form of simulations which i find rather cool. All in all i my view is that the academy is good for training while the books are good for final exam preparations.
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    Hello, I finished my CCNA at Cisco Academy here in the Philippines and I can say that it really worth it, you will learn everything you need from basic to advance configuration of router, however, I haven't take the cert exam coz I'm afraid that I might fail (It's too expensive here to take the exam), May I know how much it will cost you if you will take the CCNA there?

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    Thanks for all the input. I'm currently studying for A+ and Network+ so I'm hoping the academy will help me in that regard. Thankfully, I made good grades in high school, so that state of Lousiana is paying for most of my tuition :D
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    Good job nathan, now you need to find a company to work for that offers tuition reimbursement.

    Most cellular telephone companies do, even if you were just the janitor.
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  • darkmagicdarkmagic Member Posts: 127
    I don't know buddies but i have heard a lot about cisco academy courses & the way they drill each & every little detail about cisco into you provided you wanna learn ofcourse.

    Its quite expensive here in my country India as well, about 20,000 bugs, which i quite a lot.

    And the exam is around 7,500.
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