Help with Linux Mint 8 - mouse/keyboard are not working

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I bought the "Linux for Dummies" book since I wanted to learn how Linux OS works.

Anyhowz, I have an old desktop my father gave me. I loaded the Linux Mint from the CD companion and then there is an option to install it onto the HDD, which I have done. (Formatted the drive, no more Windows)

Everything works, POST passes and the OS loads. I get to the login screen and see the user name I chose (bob), but here is the problem I'm running into:

The keyboard and mouse are not functioning, so I can't log into the OS. They are both USB, I tried all the ports, rebooted several times and tried a different mouse, but nothing changed.

The keyboard/mouse do work when I boot from the CD. I do get some bootup errors about some module when booting from the HDD, but it goes by so fast I can't record it.

Anyhowz, would appreciate some help. I'm a total Linux noob. icon_study.gif
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