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Hey guys, I was just reading a thread about a guy who failed his security + exam. His complaint was the simulations regarding bits of networking. I wanted to recommend testout.com. Recently, I took a computer security class at my comm. college. The entire course was based on testout.coms labsims and lessons. There are 11 chapters each with about 8 subsections. In each subsection, there is a short quiz to take, as well as a simulation, sometimes more than one. Again, I am new to the world of IT and security, but I am confident that I can pass this exam, as all the notes you guys have on these forums are concepts that I have learned this past semester.

It costs $89 for a 3 year access to this website. If you are worried about simulations or just want another very in depth study tool, I highly recommend this. Our final exam was a security + practice test, which I failed miserably with a 57%. 2nd and third times, 68%. 4th and 5th, 77%, then I was finally scoring 83s and 88s after going back and reviewing the parts I was having trouble with. The only bad part is the practice exam on testout does not include simulations, but the actual lesson plans have a ton of them. I would say appr. 30-40 sims in the entire security section. You can also do a practice exam for CCNA. I believe they have sections for networking and A+ as well.


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    I believe it's more like $500 unless you have an access code from an educational institution to get that $89 price. I've worked through some of their Security Pro course and I like the format as well.
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    Wow I had no idea it was that much! That makes sense though because I spent about $400 to enroll in the class. No books, just paying the $89 for the test out software. I do remember entering an access code so yeah I guess you are right. On the bright side, at least you get to keep it for 3 years.
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    Just a note I was randomly looking for discounted security + vouchers a few mins after posting my reply and I came across a site that had testout courses for half price. Still pretty expensive though.
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    As test simulators go, TestOut is pretty decent, and the price us reasonable.
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