Can you expect to pass if you do well in practice tests?

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I'm taking both the 801 & 802 next Tuesday - Studying with the freestyle GTS learning and Professor Messer videos + the CompTIA
Study Guide with the dvd practice tests. I'm getting over 90%+ on the practice tests with both study systems - however I feel that I'm remembering the answers to the questions as no new questions pop up. I'm worried that I'm in a comfort zone and might be thrown for a loop when I take the actual test. Any thoughts?



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    You have gathered enough study materials so don't see any reason why you would not pass, the last important thing you need right now is your confidence.

    All the best on your exam, good luck!!!icon_thumright.gif
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    If you have the money you could always try measureup or transcender practice exam.

    If your getting 90 percent on your first try of the practice exam then I'd say your fine. If your just remembering the answers it might be worth Using a different practice exam.
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    Let us know how you do on the exam. I have just begun to study for this exam and I was wondering which practice exams I should look into.
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    Yes, it easy to memorize the answers when redoing practice tests. One thing I often mention to people studying for any exam, is to look less at the actual grade you're getting and more at your understanding of the questions. Ideally, you should be able to look at a question and not just know the correct answer, but also why the incorrect answers are incorrect. That way, no matter how CompTIA words the questions, you'll be able to answer them correctly.

    Good luck.
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    Yes! However remain calm during the test and read each question thoroughly. Its often easy to make dumb mistakes when you get nervous during the test.
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    You should do fine, don't swet it! If you do fail the test, you should have a better idea at what area you need to study more of, and you can re-schedule the test again.

    I know you have at least 3 tries, not sure if there is a limit on how many attempts you have with 1 voucher.
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    I would say that you'd be better off postponing the tests for a couple of more months and studying from an actual book like Mike Myer's All-In-One guide. There's going to be some performance based questions that require you to be knowledgeable. You just can't get all the knowledge from practice exams. The Professor Messer videos are helpful to a certain extent, but they just don't cover everything either.
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    Why not try to gain some hands on experience/practice prior to your exam? This exam is geared toward a candidate with experience. While some do take the exams without any experience first-hand, real practice (either in a live setting or at least a lab) allows one to be more comfortable working with the materials.

    Repetitively going over practice questions does not teach about the topic it merely sets one up to be a paper cert holder rather than a technician. Use the practice test to assess your weak and strong areas, invest the time to learn about those topics you need more time with, re-assess yourself with some practice questions and see how much you have improved.

    I have never been a fan of practice questions. I have come to accept that for some there is merit to use them to gain a benchmark of one's ability and as a last step gear-up, but to sit with a bank of questions and call that learning, is purely a waste of time. IMO.

    Why are you taking the exams? Do you want to work with PC hardware an OS? Or do you think this is the only way to gain a job? If you want to work with hardware, why not post pone the exams until you gain a bit more experience so then you won't feel so rushed and like you are missing something.
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    Well, took both 801 & 802 today and passed. Took a good month to get through the material, but also have about 5 years under my belt for experience - Started to panic - as I found a whole new batch of questions that I didn't run across until 24 hours before the test and it was too late to reschedule!

    Tip! My first 4 questions on the 801 and 802 were sims. I killed about 15 minutes on the first question and flagged it and moved on, then another sim! yipes! Do yourself a favor and learn every nook and cranny on a moboicon_redface.gif and don't waste too much time on the sims at the start. I still had about 20 minutes left to go back and review. Squeaked by on the 801 and scored a lot better on the 802. Which is my primary job anyway....Best thing is to get rid of the answers you know aren't right and look for the clues in the question to determine the answer. Between tests, I read through my notes and book - found another command line function I wasn't familar with and low and behold it came up on the 802!

    Thanks everyone!
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    Lol that's exactly what i experienced any way congratulation on pass you are now A+ certified and good luck for the future exams!!!icon_thumright.gif
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