MTA 98-365 (Server): Just Passed! Reflections Inside.

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Hello again everyone!

I just took this exam (MTA 98-365 Server Fundamentals) today, and I would like to share my experience again for anyone who's interested in taking up this exam.

What did I use to study?

1) Textbook - Windows Server Administration Essentials, by Tom Carpenter, Sybex. There was a lot of story-telling in this book (real life examples) that were interesting but not applicable to the exam. Colourful, plenty of diagrams, screenshots and pictures but more importantly, it covered all topics in the exam.

2) Websites -
Exam Review: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals 98-365 -- Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online and

Microsoft Server Fundamentals 98-365 MTA flashcards | Quizlet.

You absolutely have to read the summary and tips on mcpmag.

3) Hands-on - I setup a DNS Server, Active Directory, scrolled around in Group Policy, setup a DHCP server as well as IIS and FTP and... That's about it. The rest of the time was spent trying to connect a client PC to Active Directory (that was a headache)

Is this exam a waste of money and time?

It was worth every cent and second.

I've always wanted to get an introduction to Microsoft Servers, but I didn't know where to start. The content for the exam 70-640 was mind-numbing, the exam for the Windows Server 2003 were expiring, and I have never touched a server before.

Who do you think should take this exam?

I feel this exam is purely for people/students who want to get an introduction/certification to Microsoft Servers, but find that the content for the exams 70-640 and 70-642 are just too difficult to understand.

If you already have experience in servers, you could skip this exam and move on to the 640, 642 and 646 exams.

What am I going on to next?

MCTS 70-680: Windows 7, Configuring.

What do I expect from this certificate/exam?

The only reason I took this exam was to get an introduction to Windows Server.

I've tried reading through the material for the 70-640 but... It just felt like I was throwing my mind at a brick wall. So I turned to this instead and it was a really great introduction; covered just about all the built in server roles without going too much in depth.

Again, as mentioned in my other thread, I don't expect HR people to fall over their heads trying to hire me, but hey, every bit of knowledge and certification ought to help!

Have a great time everyone! I hope my post was enlightening for anyone who reads this!


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    Congrats !!!!!!!!!!
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    Congrats on the pass. Thanks for posting your thoughts on this exam. I am taking it in the next couple weeks and found your links very helpful.
    Stephen Hawks
    Started Dec 1, 2010
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    nebula105 wrote: »
    3) Hands-on - I setup a DNS Server, Active Directory, scrolled around in Group Policy, setup a DHCP server as well as IIS and FTP and... That's about it. The rest of the time was spent trying to connect a client PC to Active Directory (that was a headache)

    Does your study material walk you through the steps of setting these up? I have no experience with servers. Your post in general was helpful, thanks.
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    I am currently studying for this exam right now and went into it with moderate to extensive experience with 2003/2008 server. It has been an incredibly enjoyable and quick read because although I was familiar with 85% of the material, it was that additional 15% I didn't know about, coupled with reading the bigger picture context of it all in relation to itself that has made it 100% worth it. I will report back on this after I take the exam.

    Speaking of the exam, anyone know any discount codes or voucher deals for this exam?

    Side note, I've enjoyed this material so much, that I've already ordered my study material for MTA Network fundamentals and Security fundamentals.
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    horusthesun - thanks!!

    Shawks - thanks!! Looking forward to your good news :)

    AHarrison - Yes, the Sybex textbook walks you through step by step, but my eyes glossed over everytime I tried reading and doing.

    I ended up just bashing through installations, reading what was on the screen and making educated guesses at what I was supposed to do.

    I then reviewed what the textbook expected me to do. If I deviated, I would retrace my steps or just cancel the installation.

    Note that this didn't apply for DNS and Active Directory, because I didn't understand what was going on half the time, so I had to follow closely, step by step.

    tconwa1 - There was a Second Shot offer but it ended just last month :/
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    what version of windows sever 2008R2 did you use?
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    Congrats !!!!!
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    Well done on passing. I aim to take this exam in the near future so your info has been very helpful, thanks!!
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    does any one have valid mta 98-365 ****???
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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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    Took the exam today got a 68! Used the Carpenter Windows Server Essentials book and while it did a good job, it just didn't cover enough.

    This exam is definitly harder than any CompTIA exam, but not as hard as a 70-680 exam. There weren't really any questions I drew a blank on, but having 43 questions in 50 minutes made for a really tough exam due mostly to time constraints.

    Can't really suggest what to brush up on, although maybe knowing the start up sequence and remote administration might help me next time.
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    I would like to know what kind of exam questions format are there?
  • parttimetechieparttimetechie Member Posts: 156
    Themba321 wrote: »
    I would like to know what kind of exam questions format are there?
    The questions are multiple choice, T/F and some drag and drop
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    Why would you ask such questions in a forum like this? Getting Vendor certs are not like college graduation which you barely learn things. People do the certs to get better jobs cause everything you learn in cert materials are all applicable in real life at any jobs. Paper certs are a waste of your time & disgrace.
    snaptjaw wrote: »
    does any one have valid mta 98-365 ****???
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    Thank you very much, this will help...
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    Thank you for the resources and congrats on passing!!!!!
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