Exchange 2013 Migration

I wonder if anyone has ran into the this issue. Right now I'm in the middle of server migration, I'm moving a client from SBS 2008 to Server 2012 standard and Exchange 2013. Right now i'm moving the mailboxes from the sbs server to the new exchange server and i created a migration job through ecp with all 39 mailboxes in it. The completed with errors, one mailbox (our point of contact for this client lol) is listed as failed, the other 38 copied successfully. I looked at the "detailed report" for that one mail box and that report says it completed successfully and there was no bad items. The only other error message i got was that exchange couldn't contact a Global Catalog server, but the way its set up right now is that every server is a global catalog server and I can communicate to all of them just fine.

Has any one seen this issue or know anything about it?
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