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I really enjoyed the thread on pc configurations and thought it would be fun to do a network version.

Plus I am in the process of setting up a network and wanted to get some ideas.
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    I have Comcast as My ISP, 8mps down, 768Kbps up, 62$ a month. I have a motorola 802.11g router that has a 4 port switch.

    I have 2 main computers for me and my wife wired in the switch with 100Mbps ethernet, cat5e.

    I have 2 other ethernet cables in the same room that runs over to my work bench which i currently have 4 PC's on that I am working with. I use those cables for PCs I am working with.

    I have a Palm Pilot Tungsten C with 802.11b built in, I have that and my Acer laptop with a 802.11g card using the wireless network.

    Most of the time I have 6 computers active on my router. I would love to get some wireless media players around the house for MP3 access and playability.

    Also would like to get a wirless media type box for my entertainment center to tie everything together. One day...
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    You got your own ISP there "filkenjitsu" icon_wink.gif
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    My brother and I have Cable 1Mbps down. Not the fastest in the world but we get by with it. The PC (Datamancer) and Mac desktop (Frost) mentioned in the other thread are my main machines on the network along with an iBook (Iceberg), 3 PC laptops (Justy, EAV, & NovaPrime), a Windows 2003 server (SuperNova), 2 machines just for LAN parties (Rook & Luna), and my brother's PC. (AMD 64 3500+, 1GB RAM, GeForce 256MB, 250GB HD...Name: Vapor) One of the laptops is my brother's as well.

    Wired and wireless (802.11b) network. All computers are wired except for the laptops. One router and 3 switches. All cable is Cat5e. I left jacks all over the house for future expansion. Friends come over and bring their PCs and I tend to move things around. Plenty of machines with which to do my cert labs.
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    I have a wireless network at home with some cisco gear, I hate it & never use it.
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    You dont like the Aironet gear? Thats the best there is along with Proxim ORiNOCO.
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    One computer connected to itself with a "LOOPBACK ADAPTER" icon_redface.gif
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