Cheapest price for complete A+ exam?

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I'm a post-secondary student with limited disposable income. What is the cheapest price I can pay to sit both exams? The study book that I purchased came with a 10% off code, but it's still too expensive.


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    I know CompTIA sometimes gives out 15% off coupons. And you might be be able to find a good deal on an early expiration voucher either on eBay, getcertified4less or supervoucher. Unfortunately, other than that it's pretty hard to get lower than 10-15% off an exam.

    The BEST deals you might find are like 3% off the exam and then 50-70% off a practice test (Transcender/MeasureUp, etc) - but even then you're paying more total.
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    find Raceyb on ebay and make an offer of $300.00. That's the lowest offer they take, but its still a good price for 2 vouchers and the comptia book/dvd with priority shipping. I ordered mine this morning.
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