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I don't want to degrade the company or anything, but I have used the MS exam ref for the 410, and I am about half way through cbtnuggets videos. I wanted to get some practice questions to make sure I knew everything.. and oh my. I am just doing the first objective and there are some questions that I literally have never heard about or have no idea what it is talking about, I will pretty soon try to find it back in my notes in book, but it seems so far out that I can't even think of something to reference it with. Anyone else have this or do I just have to hit the books a lot harder? icon_study.gif


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    Are the questions about topics that are in the blueprint? If yes, you need to read and lab more. If not, I wouldnt worry about those questions too much.

    When I first used Transcender while preparing for my first ever MS exam (the 70-290, using the official MS Press book), it made me feel I had no hope at the exam. And Transcender was right, the real exam turned out to be harder than what the book taught. What did I take away from that lesson - never rely on one book (and that too an MS Press one). Most of these books are inadequately, some woefully inadequate. So if the topic is on the blueprint, you should use another resource. TechNet is your best bet, I used it (and the CBT Nuggets and my lab) for all my MS exams and the combo worked.
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    kweevusskweevuss Member Posts: 38 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the reply. So looking at the sticky for the 410 resources there is a list of technet articles. I will start reading and studying these, I did happen to find an answer to one of the questions lurking in it quick while I glanced from a practice question last night.
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    armandsssarmandsss Member Posts: 28 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I think if You would look at some previous topics then You would see that almost everybody admits that Exam ref for 70-410 doesn't prepare you for the real exam. It's actually nowhere even close.

    If You will be able to pass Kaplan test, then You will be able to pass the real exam. Can say it from my experience
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