How to certified(A+)?

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I am about to start my masters in cybersecurity in the fall. In the meantime I would like start to get some certifications to get a job in the IT field, starting with A+. What is the best way to get certified? Do I need to take a class or could I just buy a book and study then take the test? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    It all depends what makes you feel more comfortable. If there is a bunch of books of the subject, or specifically made for the certification then it could be cost efficient to teaching yourself by reading books, and messing around hands on with technology. Or if there is very little on the subject that is certification specific then a class could be necessary. Though there is no amount of knowledge that can replace experience. Yet self tech or in class tech it all depends on you, and the cert you are going to take. Some vendors require to have the proper training, and other recommend it but there are books that could help achieve the same thing for less. because real in depth classes cost from $2000 and up. But again whatever you feel more comfortable with is what you should do. Myself I do self study since I get to go at my own pace, but if it's something I don't feel like i could teach myself the right way I might eventually head to the online classes. Hope this helps.
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    EC-Council Master in Security Science M.S.S [Done]

    Reading Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam prep by Sohel Akhter
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    Thanks for the replies. I have some experience building my own pc and took some IT classes this fall so I think I could pass the A+ with probably just studying at home. Are those the only 2 books I need to pass?
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    Are those the only 2 books I need to pass?

    Actually these are A+ exam books they both cover the A+ objectives for both 220-801 (theory) and 220-802 (practical), which ever you choose they will get you prepared for the two A+ 220-801 and 220-802 exams but you can also use both of them to have a solid knowledge for the exam, but just one book should be fine out of the two, you can also watch these videos on you tube as second study material professor messer 220-801 - YouTube

    All the best, good luck!!!
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    Master on Cybersecurity?
    I would stay away from A+ then

    I mean, you should have basic computer/printer/network understanding and troubleshooting concepts
    Do you?
    If you do, put your money to better use, like CCNA or Net+ if you dont know that much about networks
    and so on
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    Start with the free Professor Messer A+ videos and go from there. That way you can sort of gauge how much you know before you spend money on books. If a lot of the concepts are foreign to you or you feel rusty when it comes to hardware,finish watching the videos and then order some books on like someone else mentioned.

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    Good luck!
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