Passed: 979/1000

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I'm glad I decided on the CCNA:S rather than just renewing my CCNA:R&S. There was a lot of good material in those objectives. We have a pair of ASA 5510's in production that provide firewall and VPN functions, so I took away plenty of useful info.

The exam itself was very fair. Questions were very specific at times, but it was all relevant info that's worth knowing. If you're comfortable with the exam objectives, you'll do fine. I practiced all of the "implement/verify" objectives in CCP as well as the CLI. I have a hardware lab at home, but chose to use GNS3 this time for the sake of simplicity. I have GNS3 and CCP installed on a virtual machine hosted in our XenDesktop environment. That allows me to jump on the same running topology at home, work, or on McDonald's WiFi if I chose. Cool stuff. I did emulate an ASA to familiarize myself with the differences in syntax, but mainly just poked around the GUI on our production network.

Resources used:
- Cisco Press Official Cert Guide
- Included Pearson Practice exams
- CBT Nuggets
- GNS3
CISSP | CCNA:R&S/Security | MCSA 2003 | A+ S+ | VCP6-DTM | CCA-V CCP-V


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