3640 price

How much would a 3640 go for ? it has four ethernet interfaces 1 wic 1T,12.3 and 32 flash.. A friend of mine gave me a extra one of these..
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    Open up you browser,go to the navigation bar,type www.ebay.com
    In the search bar type cisco 3640.On the left column you should see a picture
    of the router you have,now toggle to the right and theres another column called price,match the price with the router which should be in item title column.

    This should give you an indication of the price and with some practice you will
    become very adapt at using this method of pricing.You can even get more technical and open up the submenu of the item and see what software and extras are included.Maybe i've given you too much info so ill stop for now.
    Good Luck!!
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