I failed the first attempt, but passed the exam on my 2nd shot today.

Used Exam Cram & CBT Nuggets for both attempts - purchased the Microsoft book after the first attempt - it was a great help. I also found this site very useful.

It was also nice that I had sat the exam once before - some of the questions were either repeats - or shooting for the same concept.



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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congratulations on your success icon_cool.gif . I'm currently studying for it using sybex and i find it quite strange after reading too much cisco. How would you rate the ammount of time and intensity required for these exam compared to cisco exams?
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    As weird as it may sound - I think this test was on par with the CCNA exam. The reason I say that it sounds "weird" is because I have treated this exam and always thought of it as lesser than the CCNA since it seems to me that the CCNA is typically somewhat more highly regarded.

    Yet, all in all - I probably studied just as long (or longer) for the 270 than I did the CCNA. I think what it boils down to is that more people are familiar with Microsoft products - so the learning curve may be steeper when someone jumps into the world of Cisco - but when it gets right down to it - the difficulty levels of the CCNA exam vs the MCP 270 exam are similar.

    What I found most challenging about the 270 exam was the many questions that ask you what you "should" do - rather than asking for the "right" answer - they ask for the "best" answer! So - it's not just understanding the material, but also understanding how they want you to approach the problem according to the parameters of the question.
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    Hey mwgood, thanks for your rapid response. Atleast i now know better that to relax. I couldn't help noticing that your are preparing for the BSCI as well. Would have loved to specialise on pure Cisco but then the job market is tough out here which is part of why i need an MCP cert to validate my skills. I decided to put off my CCNP ambitions for the mean time so as to have plenty of time to concentrate on MCSE. I plan on studying for and taking one MCP exam a month untill MCSE.

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    Congrats on the pass!
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