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Hey guys was wondering if anyone here has taken the CEH self study iLearn class? I was planning to take it next year, because I do not have to experience, or the confidence to just read the AIO book to take the exam next year. The price is not an issue I'm just wondering how good in quality is the material, and the videos/labs the class gives. Thanks in advance!


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    The more experienced folks have used the AIO and others have used that in addition to more labs than the book requires and passed.
    This is an exam where you have to know the tools and how to use them and the variable switches.
    Nessus, Metasploit, and NMPA will be most of the tools that you use but YMMV.
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    Yea I was thinking this exam I was going to have Lab more than I usually though that's why I am also taking my lpic-1 before this in order to get use to knowing how to use the command line and the switches more confidently. Then this might be the exam I prepare the longest for. I usually the up to a month I doing nothing but preparing for an exam. but this one and ccna will both take 2+ months but it will be worth it thanks for the advice.
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    Both the CCNA and CEH? If you want to take the old 640-802 (CCNA) or 640-822/640-816 (ICND1/ICND2) exams you only have until Sept 30th to do so, otherwise you'll be taking the new exams. The last day to take CEHv7 is Oct 31st; after that it's CEHv8 only.

    Decisions like this seem to bunch up all at once...
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    No I confused you I'm sorry. I meant they would take 2+ months each cert. CCNA August-November. And CEH February-May. I don't plan to take both certs at the same time. That's almost suicide lol. Sorry for the confusion.
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