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I have 10 plus years in Telecommunications. I am currently a systems tech for a large service provider working mostly in the Central Office. I have work experience with Nortel Networks’ DMS 100/500, ISDN, DWDM, SS7, CSU/DSU configuration, and OC-12/48/96 circuit provisioning. Over the past year, I have assisted in hardware installation projects beefing up our backbone with Cisco’s Layer 3 switches and routers, but the Cisco experience is just mainly hardware related.

I want to move away from being a technician and I want to take on the role of Network Engineer. I am currently working on my CCNP/CCDP and should be finished by the end of the year. Will my Telecommunications experience and my CCNP/CCDP be enough to land me a mid-level Network Engineer Position?


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    You should be able to find something, but the Telco side is much different then the customer's end. What goes in your favor is your number of years in the field and your drive to learn more. You will have to show you are eager and willing to keep learning on your own.

    Good luck to ya,

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