Needed to copy the folder rights & permissions in new drives with the same letters

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In one server, running under windows server 2003 operating system, currently C,E & F drives are present. Two 500 GB LUNS disk space have been allocated with drive letters G & H have been assigned to them. Data in E & F have to be copied to G & H respectively.
After successful copy of the data , the G & H drives have to be renamed to E & F drives and the old E & F drives will be removed from the server after ensuring the proper running of the software application hosted in this server.
Currently shares are present in both E & F drives ; I need to retain all the same settings related to shares & it's permissions in the new E & F drives so that the hosted application which rely on the shares in E & F will function properly after adding the new 500 GB drives namely E & F drives.

Anybody please help in this regard about the steps to be followed in this activity


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