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Could anyone tell me is MCSA:Security and MCSE:Security certifications retired? If they are, what are other alternative Microsoft certification with security concentration. I need a full explanation please. I have been on MS website and I seem not to find any info regarding MCSA/MCSE: security.

I would appreciate if Kreaton , JDMurray will comment on this post and have it broken down for me.

I want to follow kreaton's advice on


If MCSA/MCSE: security are retired? What do you suggest I do to follow the above plan sequentially?

Thanks for your response.



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    If you're thinking about MCSA/MCSE: Security, you'd probably too late unless you're in-the-motions of taking exams 70-298 (Designing Security) and 20-299 (Implementing Security) this month AND are near completion of all of the requirements. These two exams are usually required for the cert(s) unless you have other InfoSec certs (i.e. S+, CISSP, etc.), but 70-298 IS required regardless and retires permanently after 7-31-2013. Microsoft is not marketing these certs heavily anymore due to retirement of exams and changes in the marketplace.
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    I would not bother with MCSA/MCSE:Security now, I would move on to MCITP:EA or MCSE Server Infrastructure depending on what you work with. If you are starting a fresh then go for MCSE Server Infrastructure (This is on 2012). Once you embark on one of these paths you can follow Security guidelines and best practices to aid in your studies. There is a wealth of material on Microsoft in regards to security which will pretty much compensate for not doing the MCSE:Security as well as a mass of books.

    Links Library:


    Best Practices:

    Enterprise Security Best Practices

    Security Best Practices Checklist

    If you really want, you can do one of the Forefront certifications as well, but the CCNA:Security would do a better job of introducing you to firewall management amongst other things (Unless you want to know Forefront products specifically).

    As for an order in regards to those certifications, I would change things to:

    MCITP:EA/MCSE Server Infrastructure (On 2012)
    CCNA (This could come first depending if you are more interested in networks)

    I am of the opinion that there is no point learning security in you do not understand what you are securing. In other words learn Microsoft Server functionality and what it can do before looking to secure it. I did the Security+ after MCITP:EA (and many others) which I do not regret as things made a lot more sense to me. The MCITP:EA/MCSE SI routes themselves will give you some good Microsoft security knowledge along the way. This is basic when comparing to other security vendor certificates such as SANS, but it is a good start (Not sure where your current level is, so forgive me if I have not pitched that right for you as I appreciate that is beginner level for security).

    Obviously there is no right or wrong answer this is just my opinion as I can also understand that you could do a Security+ first to condition your mind set for security before attempting other certifications, but I would rather just read a security+ book (Recommend Darril Gibson) without doing the exam, then do one of the Microsoft paths mentioned above, and come back to the Security+ exam to get the most out of the material. That was a good thing about the MCSE:Security that it conditioned your mindset for security as the overlap served as good repetition, unfortunately it is too much out of date to consider now. However by all means read over some of the old books, they are great resources, as they have good solid principals which can be applied to the later Microsoft Server products:


    Microsoft Windows Security - Resource Kit - reference: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

    I hope this helps, obviously I am providing answers at face value, for instance I don't know what your current experience and certifications are, and I have not mentioned any alternative certifications from your list above. There could well be better answers knowing your current situation, aspirations, and if you wanted to look at different certifications. For example where do you want to go in security, forensics, pen-testing, auditing, etc, as I am sure many people here will tell you the security field is vast. But I have tried to provide answers based on your post alone.

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks RoyalRaven and many thanks to Fly2dw.

    I just wanted to be sure of the path to follow that's why I seek advice from professionals/people who are experienced in the field. I have taken a course years ago on computer repair/maintenance and basic networking. I have the know of A+ and am familiar with some basic networking terminology and how it works.

    Plus am i know C++, Java, and Python programming.

    I just finished studying materials for the Network+ by Mike Meyers and watched all the Network+ videos by professor Messer. I have taken a lot of practice questions from difference sources and I can say at the time, I have the knowledge, but am not going for the exam. I read the materials to prepare me for Security+.

    I have just started studying for Security+ with Daril Gibson get ahead third edition, Security+ Exam crams, and professor Messer videos on Security+.

    My question is, what next? On Ms website, it says the MCITP will retire soon. Should I go to MCITP, when it will retire soon? Can I go for MCSE without MCSA?

    I have plan for CCNA/CCNP:security. If there's anything like Defensive security, that's what am interested in. Protecting integrity of information/Network is my interest.

    I would like to follow the Kreaton advice path.

    So if someone could shed more light on it for me and help suggest step by step path

    Irrespective of the ordering, my aims are:

    What next?
    What next?
    CCNA/CCNP security
    PMP - somewhere.

    These are target I set for myself and I know it's quite a journey but I want to have a solid root and start off well and we'll equipped. So can I can suggestions to the what next positions on my list please?

    I will highly appreciate your opinions and advise.

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    seems like your much interested in the security side of things.
    why not pursue any GIAC certifications or Mile2 certifications? or since you know programming you can go for more technical security certs in Offensive Security
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