My study plan...Any advice?

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Fellow InfoSec members

Originally I planned the CISSP exam on August the 2nd but I will reschedule it to the end of August, because I do not feel ready for it.

Altough I've read Eric's "CISSP Study Guide", "CISSP for dummies", Transcender Prep Guide and the CISSP Summary 1.1, I am sure that I am still not ready because the books test questions gives me scores around 80%-100% while the Transcender prep test gives me a meager 60-70%.

So I revised my study plan and need my fellow members to advise if it looks/is sufficient enough.

Currently have :
AIO 6th ed. boxed set
CISSP for Dummies
Eric's CISSP Study Guide
CISSP 11th Hour
CISSP Summary 1.1
Official CISSP CBK Review Seminar(Book)
Transcender study guide
Transcender Test Prep (unlimited access through my work)
500 test questions from McGraw (Online)

Old Study plan :
Read Eric's CISSP Study Guide and do practice questions
Read CISSP for dummies and do practice questions
Read Transcender Prep Guide and the and do Transcender practice questions
Read CISSP Summary 1.1
And go to the CISSP Exam full of confidence and pride (NOT)

New Study Plan :
Focus on one domain and read it in the following books :
-1st CISSP for Dummies and do practice questions for that domain
-2nd CISSP Study Guide and do practice questions for that domain
-3rd Official CISSP CBK Review Seminar and do practice questions for that domain
-4rd Do Shon Harris CISSP Practice Exams for that domain
Look at the weak points (try to get a good understanding of my weak points (google/wikipedia)) and if score above 80-90% in Transcender go to the next domain.

Last week before exam :
Try to do at least 3*250 exams and read the CISSP Summary V1.1, Transcender study guide and 11th Hour.

As the study material already cost me a lot, I am sure that I already own enough study material, it is also impossible for me to read the AIO 6th ed. as I cannot keep myself awake, let alone focus on all the dancing letters on every page and LMAO about the jokes in the book which I certainly do not get.

Experience : Skilled servicedesk, MAC engineer, Sys Admin, Operational Admin and currently hold the role of IAM Analyst and planning to make the transition very soon to Security Monitorig.

I've had the privilige to have worked fulltime within several Security Domains since 2008 so I have real world experience, but I really want to pass the exam on the first try as I also did this for the SSCP exam and only used one source namely Darril Gibsons "AIO SSCP". As I found the SSCP exam relatively easy the transcender questions are scaring me into taking the CISSP exam.

Please advise and comment on the study plan as mentioned above. Is it sufficient enough?

Thanks in advance


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    If I had to take 3 things from that list to an CISSP bootcamp island, it'd be that review seminar handbook, the Conrad (full cbk) and a buncha note cards (and pen).

    How many $G did you spend on the materials????
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    How many $G did you spend on the materials????

    Thanks for the tip on the study material!!

    hahaha did not spend that much, but bought the study material myself. Im on a very tight budget and really thinking about doing the CEH bootcamp (got a discount and costs €1100,-) and exam ( costs €350,-) after I hopefully pass the CISSP exam. Than thats it for my eduction budget for 2013.icon_cry.gif

    €'s converted to $'s

    AIO 6th ed. boxed set - $115,-
    CISSP for Dummies - $45,-
    Eric Conrad CISSP Study Guide - $70,-
    Eric Conrad 11th Hour - $30,-
    Also payed for the CISSP exam $780,-

    CISSP CBK Review Seminar borrowed from a colleague
    The departmenthead bought the unlimited certification package from Transcendericon_cool.gif

    Other resources mentioned are free.
    Guys that live on the other side of the ocean are very lucky with the prices.....I pay almost double the price for study material icon_sad.gificon_sad.gif
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    I'm not familiar with the Transcender CISSP Q's but I found the quizes a definite help to me. Sure, some of the questions are dated, but the additional explanations and references help you consume the information. Also, the immediate gratification of seeing your strong and weak points helps steer your study time towards the most efficient use of time.

    Definitely plan on doing a few full-blown prep tests so you can build your endurance.

    Your plan looks good to me....get after it!
  • DagistoDagisto Member Posts: 25 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks Dover and Emerald_Octane or the advice!!

    I also think I'm going to purchase access to the questions.
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