Has anybody used these 2 books?

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I got the Network+ 2005 In Depth by Thomson Course Tech (only because it was on sale at my bookstore for $12.00) and the Sybex N10-003 Study Guide 4th edition

Has anyone used either of these two books? I spent a #%^%load of $$$$ on the security+ exam and trying to cut down my expenses a little.

Also, what about the Syngress Network+ Study Guide? Is this any good?

BTW, in case anyone is looking for a good bargain, Syngress has a sale on their website of books which have an "imperfection" and they cant sell them at full price (ex: entire MCSA 2003 boxed set for $49.00)

The link is http://www.syngress.com/hurtbook/

Hope this saves someone some $$$$

Thanks for any help and advice on these books


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