Have you used Mc Graw Hill's book?

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Just wondering, anyone has used that book? I got Darril's book and also have seen most of Professor Messer's videos, but seems I'm a bit weak in cryptography comparing to the other areas (scoring 22/26 in Darril's book).

So I decided to look for another source of information to try to complement my knowledge. Came across with this book of Mc Graw Hill and have read the three chapters (4,5,6) of cryptography, and I feel that most of the content was just irrelevant to the Security+. (imo, chapter 6 is 100% bullshit).

Also, checking the tests out they are always one choice, giving me the feeling that the writers do not know so much about how the exam is. Also, as the book has a lot of irrelevant stuff, thereby the tests have also questions about this irrelevant stuff which I'm failing (or not), and make me feel like I'm unprepared to take the test.

My Darril's test marks are:
  • pretest 97/100
  1. 23/25
  2. 22/24
  3. 24/24
  4. 22/25
  5. 24/25
  6. 21/22
  7. 21/21
  8. 23/25
  9. 24/26
  10. 22/26
  11. 25/25
  • final test 96/100
Have you ever used that book? What is your opinion?


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    I can't speak to the other book, but one thing I like to stress is that the score you get on practice test questions isn't as important as understanding the content. Ideally, you should be able to look at any question and not only know the correct answer, but why it is correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect. That way, no matter how CompTIA words the questions, you'll get them correct.

    On cryptography, you might like to check out some videos I posted on YouTube. You can search my name to pull them up. They're a little older but the concepts are still the same.

    Hope this helps.
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