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Hi, today i passed 70-270

it was pretty hard, even tho i studied for 2 months straight.

for studying i used

CBT nuggets
ExamCram 2
Cramsession study guide
xxxxxxxx practice test
this forum! woo! lol

the test was real straight forward, some easy, some hard. just make sure you study, study, study.

im already working on my 70-290..

Working on MCSA......


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    mike63304 wrote:
    for studying i used

    xxxxxxxx practice test

    That would be a **** good. icon_evil.gif
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    Congrats Mike! :D
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    actually, for reference, most arnt even on the test.. and its good study material.. you'll learn quite a bit.. and if it makes a difference,

    i only scored a 700... lol.. i only got to page 40 out of 284 or so on it.. but a pass is a pass..

    where i thought i'd fail the most on 270, i did the best.. i was really suprised..

    a few of my friends and I are all pushing for next week 70-297.. kinda crazy, but the vouchers are free at our it'll be good to know where we stand on that test.. but prob gonna take aim at 290 november 5th or so.

    Working on MCSA......
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    I withhold my congrats for the sake of upholding the integrity of I.T certifications. There is this "fella" who used this **** to pass all the MCSE track, A+, N+, Sec+ and i guess he was intending to use it for CCNA as well icon_evil.gif and maybe later "CCIE". He's got the money which made me wonder why shouldn't he just buy the job instead. Ironically after attaining his "fake" MCSE this guy could not trouble shoot very simple basic windows problems let alone change the cookies settings on the browser. My guess is even if the guy "****" his way into a job, he wouldn't last for long.
    The proof is not in the cert, its in the skills and knowledge gained. I believe there are honest professionals out there who've failed to attain a certificate but are more skilled and knowledgable in the specific fied than some certified tricksters.
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