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Hi all,

I am soon to embark down the CCNA path and a work colleague, who has recently completed the exam has offered me his lab:

2 x 801 Routers with 4M RAM, 8M Flash, 1 Ethernet and 1 ISDN

3 x 4500M Routers with 32M RAM, 1 has 16M Flash the others have 8M. IP PLUS IPSEC 3DES IOS 12.2(26). Interfaces listed below.

1 x 2504 Router 16M RAM, 16M Flash, 1 Token Ring, 2 Serial and 1 ISDN.

1 x WS-C2822 - 2800 Series 24 port 10baseT switch Standard Edition Software.

1 x Olicom OC-8600 Crossfire Token Ring Switch

3 x Token Ring Media Filters (DB9 to RJ45)

1 x DTE/DCE back to back cable for connecting routers via Serial.

UK Power cords

Cisco DB9 - RJ45 Rollover serial cables (Console)

DB9 - DB9 Serial Cable

Various amounts of Ethernet cables, which can be used for Ethernet, Token Ring & ISDN

does this seem like a good lab for the CCNA/CCNP are there any glaring gaps in the config....the price is £200.00 which i thought was pretty reasonable....any insight and advice would be gratefully accepted and appreciated.



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    What monetary value is that? Is that the Italy Lire?

    Basically, the 3 4500s is what is worth it. Do they have any modules in them?

    This lab is really concentrated on Token Ring in which token ring is not studied or even rarely used. That is not saying that it is NOT used... just saying that it is rarely used. They do not test TR on any of the Cisco exams.

    With that said... the 801s are not really useful.
    4500s are very useful... old but can advance to ATM studies if you go further in your studies. They also are modular so the are versatile.
    The 2820 is a decent switch. I still like the 2950 but thats just me.
    The 2504 is just a 2503 with TR so that is ok.

    And the rest is only TR... so it is useless unless you want to study TR for your own personal reasons.
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