Difficulty : Server+ vs Security+

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I am studying hard for the Net+ exam and will take it hopefully within the next week. What test is harder Server+ vs Security+ ? I already have my A+ cert and hopefully in a week or two the net+ as well. Having both those certs which certification would be easiest to attain? I am somewhat thinking the Server+ since I already covered a lot of the hardware in the A+ and a lot of the networking in the Net+ exams. I am cramming this summer and going to add as many certs to my resume as I can. I had just the A+, but now I passed an MTA last week so that is two certs now. My goal is to have 4-5 certs on my resume sometime in the middle of August. Opinions on what cert is easier to get?
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    I haven't taken either but based on the fact you just finished A+ and still have it fresh in your mind I recommend you do server+ you are going to see alot of the same hardware concepts (Raids, ram, ect.) With some more server specific concepts.
    Security+ I just started studying but there's more software/knowledge info than hardware.
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    Security+ involved more studying and more memorization for me. I enjoyed studying for the Server+ a lot more than Security+.

    Server+ is almost like an "A+ Advanced" certification. Sort of continues on where A+ stops.
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    After you do Network+ go do Server+ unless in your area there is a lot of DOD jobs. Server+ is really an advanced A+. Good thing about Server+ you can get the voucher cheap and also the study guides cheap.
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