Passed Network Plus Today, What u need to know

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Passed today with a 720! Finished in 42 mins no lie! Yo my Heavenly Father help me with this one! :D

This is what you need to know... according to my test... Learn the OSI Model all the levels, what level TCP , IPX, SPX, Router, Hub, Switch, FTP, HTTP work on.

Please learn all the ports: (the port practice exam on this site will help you to remember them)

Must know about 802.11b, and the type of fiber connectors (SC, ST)

What i used to prepare. Techexam free material + Practice exam (some of the questions on the practice exam are like the real ones) and free practice exam simular to the real questions and the Passport Book by Micheal Mayers based on 2002 objectives.

Good Luck Hope this helps any questions email me at [email protected]

Markeese the Great!
Comptia A+ and Network +

Will get Security+ next


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