70-680 Test Taking Tips

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Thought I'd pass this set of info along from my mentor at WGU - his students have had a lot of success with these items + some type of textbook/self test series. I found the last section on test taking strategies particularly interesting. Do you think that Microsoft's adaptive testing functions that way? Anyone have feedback/experience?

Additional Learning Resources:
1) PDF MCTS for Windows 7: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=microsoft%20self-paced%20training%20kit%3A%20exam%2070-680%20(2011)&source=web&cd=5&cad=rja&ved=0CEYQFjAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Fdownload.microsoft.com%2Fdownload%2FD%2FF%2FF%2FDFFD108D-B869-4894-A509-AD721C0FB3A9%2F70-680-changepages.pdf&ei=YmW_UZnYL6jD4AOy7IDADg&usg=AFQjCNHqSxu4MtYtZ8dFWEVBoIOwLD12gQ

2) You may also visit Google videos (windows 7 bitlocker - Google Search) and YouTube (windows 7 bitlocker - YouTube) to see if some of the free online learning resources are helpful in your preparation for the coming Windows 7 exam;

3) You can also explore the web for texts covering mobile computing: windows 7 bitlocker - Google Search

4) http://www.techrepublic.com/article/ip-subnetting-made-easy/6089187

5) http://benosullivan.co.uk/windows/how-to-image-and-deploy-windows-7-a-complete-guide/

6) Deploying Windows 7 Using Windows Deployment Services (WDS): Step-by-Step – Part I | Augusto Alvarez

7) How to Create a System Image in Windows 7


Kaplan SelfTest Software for Windows 7 (ABV1): 70-680 Microsoft TS: Windows 7, Configuring from selftestsoftware.com

As for test-taking strategies, the following advice may be applicable to you:

1) Please indicate that you have only “1-2 years” when asked about your IT experiences. Please remember that “0 – 6 months” or “6 months to 1 year” indicates that you are novice while “3 – 4 years” or “5 year Plus” indicates that you are already an expert. Staying in the middle normally helps you get med-level questions that are neither too difficult nor too easy questions. That may probably help you pass the exam much easier;

2) When asked about the specific skills associated with each topic, it may be advisable for you to pick “Moderate” or “I am proficient—I can do things on my own without help from others”. Picking “No experience” or “Low” only indicates that you are a novice while “Expert” or “High” level indicates that you are an expert. Staying in the middle is normally a better choice if you don’t to get extreme questions;

3) Please do NOT “Mark” any questions for reviews—if you mark questions for reviews, you may end up getting more and more questions in those areas if you happen to pick the wrong choices for those questions;

4) Please pay attention to time management—you may skip some questions and come back to work on them later if you have to. However, you should not skip the questions if they are embedded in “Testlets” as you will NOT be allowed to come back and review those questions.


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    The pre-survey exam has no bearing on the actual questions you'll receive for the exam. I know that the WGU mentors push it, but is isn't true. I'd be more worried about being observed as I skip through the entire exam, then go back and start again.

    Best advice for Microsoft exams is to lab through everything, making sure you can do visualize the steps in your mind.
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