How to run games using a virtual machine on linux

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I have been fairly successful at running some computer games on linux via Wine, however I would like to try an installed a virtual machine on my linux laptop that has a windows XP mode. I have been studying for the network+ exam and I ran into a chapter on virtualization. This is a topic I don't know much about. I have run a virtual copy of windows XP on windows 7 in order to have backward compatibility with some older programs, but I have never tried virtualization on linux. What would be some good free programs I could experiment with and what websites could I go to teach me more about virtualization on linux?
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    I'm fairly certain that you won't be able to run any games that demand a lot of processing due to how virtualisation connects with the GPU.
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    There are big limitations on virtual gaming. Getting anything that requires 3D graphics or 2D graphics using even older versions of DirectX requires the virtualization software to either emulate or passthrough GPU hardware, more or less. VirtualBox has gotten decent with both 3D and 2D graphics, but I doubt you'll get anything modern to run otherwise as this solution (passing through full GPU capabilities to a guest on a non-hypervisor) is still pretty much in its infancy.

    Microsoft has RemoteFX, which can enable gaming over RDP to a Hyper-V guest VM. Citrix and VMware have similar technologies. However, I don't believe there is any non-hypervisor solution to allow serious gaming inside a VM. You might get a turn-based strategy game, something similarly slow-paced/graphically-non-demanding, or something 10+ years old to run in VirtualBox, but nothing modern or fast-paced.

    WINE or dual-booting are your best bets, and will certainly perform better.
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    Our linux admin here games on his laptop, He uses steam for linux, Valve are trying to release more and more games for linux via steam. Might check that out.
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    There's always WINE too yeah? I think they just released a new version with over 10k plus fixes/enhancements!
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