CCNP Service Provider or CCNP Service Provider Operation??

hi guys, i just got a job in a telecom environment as Datacom+transmission(opt/microw) team
Which certification is more suitable for me? Thanks!


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    Can you describe the job duties of your team with respect to networking?
  • JayTheCrackerJayTheCracker Member Posts: 169
    right now, we're still in the training phase. i don't know exactly yet.
    we just route(IS-IS, OSPF), transmit, monitoring & tshoot.
    currently is with 3G, our project after training will be LTE project.

    should i just go ccnp ?
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    CCNP SP Operations it's like ITIL for telecoms.
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    There's no perfectly aligned certification. They all will require stretching and compromises. :)

    The CCNP covers routing (emphasis on IGPs, filtering, and manipulation), switching, and troubleshooting from an IOS perspective. The CCNP-SP covers routing (emphasis on OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP), qos, and mpls from an IOS-XR perspective.

    Questions to ask yourself--

    1. Do you see yourself only working for ISPs in the future? If No, then CCNP. If Yes, then CCNP-SP.
    2. Are you more likely to configure a switch or mpls/qos? If Switch, then CCNP. If MPLS/QOS, then CCNP-SP.
    3. What OS do you work with more frequently? If IOS, then CCNP. If IOS-XR, then CCNP-SP.

    I have both. Well, the older version of the CCNP-SP! I find both perspectives useful in my day-to-day efforts. So, perhaps think of this as where to begin, rather than which one should you be getting. There's no bad choice as long as you're learning. :)

    Regarding the Operations, I do not have experience with it, but I understand it's more monitoring/troubleshooting and less design/configuration than the CCNP-SP. It's again up to you whether that better suits your current and future career arc!
  • JayTheCrackerJayTheCracker Member Posts: 169
    Thanks for the advices, everyone!
    & sorry for d late reply, i was having trainings like hell...

    i decided to postponed for Certification since project is starting... i think i'll choose ccnp since i may go back to enterprise level after next 5 years or so...
    just thinking about we are "Connecting People" make me feels happy~! icon_cheers.gif
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