Volume Shadow Copies

Ally77Ally77 Member Posts: 212
I was wondering if anyone could clear somethin up for me. I have a small test lab at home which contains of a DC running Server 2003 and a client running XP. I have a single basic disk in the DC which consists of 2 partitions; C: and D: . The problem arose when i enabled shadow copies on the D: volume and i set the storage space for these copies to be the C: volume (recommended by Microsoft for better performance). Set up like this, i could not get a previous versions tab to appear when accessing a share from the client computer. It worked fine when i enabled C: for shadow copies and D: as the storage for the copies. I initailly thought that the storage area couldn be the same volume that the system files were located but surely i would have encountered some kind of error message. Anyone help with this?? icon_confused.gif


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