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Greetings to All:

Passed the Sec+ exam yesterday. Quite challenging - although I've been out of IT for almost 8 years. Trying to make my way back.

Others have probably given the same advice on this forum, but I'll put in my two cents anyway. Obviously, this is based on my personal experience so your mileage may vary.

Using multiple resources is essential. No study guide is all-encompassing or perfect (errors). I used books by Gibson, Prowse, and Exam Cram. I thought they were all pretty good. Used Professor Messer but I thought his Network+ videos were better than the Sec+.

Use online resources like Wikipedia, Infosec Institute, Techotopia, or Microsoft Technet to confirm, clarify or expand on info you find elsewhere.

Make sure that any test engine you use provides info as to why the correct answer is correct and why the wrong answers are wrong. It's the only way to learn from the tests. Used all the exams in the books and MeasureUp for practice testing. The Exam Cram tests were okay but I was a bit disappointed in their Premium upgrade - a few duplicate questions and sometimes the same question would turn up with different answers each time. However, if you purchased the book you get a deep discount (70% off list) so for $14 it's still probably worth it.

Finally, your state of mind going into and during the test is important. Try to stay relaxed. Read the questions carefully. If a question seems confusing or if you're not sure of the answer within a few seconds, mark it for review and move on.

That's about it.

Best of luck.


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