Holy Cow tuff but passed

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Holy Cow I passed with a little room to spare
I have to say this exam was much harder than the Network+ exam

I only had 3 simulation questions, drop and drag
Pretty easy

Must say just remembering data and facts will not be enough to pass this exam
Many of the questions were what would you do in certain situations

I was so sure during the exam that I was going to fail, but I did wear my good luck charm LOL

What I used to study were
Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals 4th Edition
Professor Messer
Practice test's (Google search security+ questions)


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    Baack I thought the opposite but I suppose it depends on your previous experience, I had 0 networking at the time. I found the security concepts easier to grasp. Either way gratz on the pass and welcome to the club.
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    Not sure why it was so challenging for me
    Probably because I don't have the experience they suggest
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    My experience was the same as for you Baack. I passed my Net+ a year ago and got my security + 4 days ago (got 847 proud of that though)

    Without ever doing much on a network, let alone not even building a small one I was able to get the net+, but it took a lot of study (a month at a high pace)

    The same situation happened with the security+ with the same amount of time I used to study.

    (What i'm getting at is that it does make it harder to grasp the concepts with little to no experiences dealing with those areas.) I found that the security+ areas that are tested had a lot alike terms. You really have to know each one and read carefully when test taking.

    I will also say from doing Net+ and Security+ with mainly hardware/pc repair experience that using multiple books, resources really help (as you did do). Some material can explain stuff wrong, not very well, or doesn't go into detail well.

    Also don't forget to google protocols for detailed explanation. It helped me overcome the "wall" I also hand write the material when I study. I never read it again, but it adds that extra level to memory.

    (Again grats, just some advice that worked for me for future certs or for someone gearing to take it.
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    Like other subject areas, security has its set of jargon and concepts. Some of these concepts, even if you have the book definition down, doesn't make a whole lot of sense until you dive further into it, which in itself might require significantly more investment in learning adjacent subjects.

    Yes, having experience in the matter helps a lot just like most other things. Attaining the familiarity so the ideas are second-nature takes a long time though. Security+ isn't about mastery, but it does get your feet wet. Just take what you've learned and move to the next step. If you forget something, you can always reference back. Fundamentals are important so don't skimp on them and make sure the basics sink in because you'll rely on them heavily down the line.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    I know this is late ... but ... Congrats on the pass!!!!!!!

    What are you studying Now?
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    Working on the 70-640 at this moment
    Labbing and CBT NUggets
    I know this is late ... but ... Congrats on the pass!!!!!!!

    What are you studying Now?
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