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First hi to everybody in this interesting forum. I,m from spain and just got the ccna certificate 3 or 4 months ago. Now i,m considering the assault upon ccnp but i don,t have enough money by now.I want to know exactly how many exams are in the ccnp and if the 849/1000 is needed in all of them. I,m also looking for a good cisco router simulator, cause i,m working with packet tracer and it doesn,t fit all the expectations i had on it. Thanks a lot!


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    I think your are taking the wrong way, if you really wanna obtain your CCNP certification you must forget about simulators and stuff like that, try to buy some routers by ebay and try to check out all routing and switching stuff by yourself. Anyway you'll have 4 exams with different passing scores, look harder this forum cos it's really useful and all this questions have been answered before or check Cisco page to obtain this information. This is only my personal and maybe someone else can help you more than myself.
    All the best with your CCNP studies. And Hola!!!, I'm Spanish as well ;)
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