Failed score 618

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Hi Everyone,

I sat the exam on july 7th and walked out with a score of 618 out of the 700 to pass. icon_rolleyes.gif

right after the fail, I went home and began to study all over again and as I was doing that a few vivid questions from the exam started to populate my head again. I guess that was helpful.

So now, I'm on a mission and it goes like this for each domain:

Harris AIO
Harris Audio
Eric Conrad
Cccure test
ISC2 Official

This process is taking me about 3-4 days each domain.

I already booked the retake for Sep 7 @ 8am. Hope this works out for me this time.

Appreciate any suggestions for studying. thanks!


  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,868 Admin
    This was for the CISSP exam? Make sure you thoroughly re-study your three or four worst domains. You missed the passing mark by quite a bit, so you are likely underestimating how detailed your understanding of the material must be. Now that you have seen the exam you have a much better shot at understanding what you need to do to pass.
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    I have to ask what materials did you use for your first at bat prior to the test? How long did you study?
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    Yes the exam was for CISSP. I think the problem I had when I was first studying the material was memorizing every function and definition of each domain. Now having taken the exam I can see that my initial approach was off. it seems that I need to know all functions of each domain and the technologies it offers in order to make the call of selecting the BEST answer for each question, which makes this exam that much harder.

    JD: thanks for the insight, your words made an inspiration to not look back at that weak score and get on the domains in depth.

    ivx502: I used the AIO and watched (dozing off) cbnuggets. I did this for about a good 3 months. But was not on the books as much as I should have with too many breaks in between that most likely affected my ability to pass this exam.
    I even had to reschedule 2 weeks later sitting July 7. That should had been a clear indication of not being ready. But I took a chance and will take another in Sep. This time with more knowledge power to hopefully pass.
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