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I have used the Boson MaxSim tests several times and I really like them. Has anyone used their lab for the CCNP? It's pretty expensive, but if it's as good as their tests, then it might be worth it..

here is a link: CCNP Network Simulator & Router Simulator | NetSim 8.0
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    I highly recommend their CCNA product, but their CCNP product isn't a good choice for a primary labbing tool.

    + Boston Netsim 8 includes 139 CCNA labs, but only 34 ROUTE labs and 24 SWITCH labs. While economics probably encourages Boson to take such a route, the CCNP is precisely the time one should aim for more hands-on practice.

    + The scenarios are imho too easy (5-15 minutes each), certainly easier than those in the Cisco's CCNP lab manuals.

    + Deviations from what Boson expects are punished, since it's a simulator not an emulator or real equipment, even correct deviations. There is little room for exploration, "What if?", or running show/debug commands other than the requested.

    Don't get me wrong. If there's a good bundle/sale price, this could complement the labbing you do elsewhere! For example, the switch rack I rented for a month for <$50 only had 2950s and 3550s. Boson let me try Radius and VoIP configurations.
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    I considered many options when studying for the CCNP as did not have the space or the immediate funds to pay for real equipment which I could set up at home. I did explore the possibility of buying CCNP Netsim but after asking them questions about the product and looking at their labs and feature list I felt it was over priced over hyped and probably wouldn't do the job.

    I found studying for route that GNS3 and doing over 100 labs thanks to Rene Molenaar worked best for me. I also created my own labs and used the CCNP Route manual. For switch, I rented real equipment for Proctor (2x3550 and 2x3560 MLS + 10 routers) when they were doing 8 hour sessions. Well worth the money imo.
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