Are 1900 series switches still included in the exam?

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Are questions on relating to this series still in the ICND or the 801 exam?
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  • johnnynodoughjohnnynodough Member Posts: 634
    not specifically not anymore, any configuration questions you have will be based on switches running IOS (i.e. 2912,2924,2950) as opposed to the 1900 series which run CatOS.

    However you will have questions related to switching in general, so 90% of the fundamentals will apply, minus dot1q trunking which the 1900 ENS dont support and a few others, but as far as configuration, not in the slightest, the configuration is completely different.
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    Much appreciated!!! Got the ICND booked for the 7th October just doing my last leg of preparation.
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