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Haven't posted here in a while - preparing for my VCAP5-DCA and wondering what you guys have going on when trying to play around with dvSwitch & pVLANs?

I have a nested ESXi setup in workstation and routing setup with vyatta and that's been working well but I'm @ the point where I'm thinking I may need some physical gear to test pVLANS?

Any feedback would be great - thanks
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    You can do some limited testing in a nested setup if you put the VM's that you use for testing PVLAN on the same nested host, eliminating the need for a physical switch. Just define one of each type of PVLan on that vSwitch on the host that you are using for the test VM's, and you can see first hand the implications of each type of PVLAN.
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    @blargoe - Thanks I'll give that a shot I was scribbling @work and I figured if I create a single vSwitch (on the same host off course) I can tag the virtual machine port-group with a VLAN ID, theoretically that "may" work using a virtual router (vyatta) to route between the VLANs and still accomplish some testing with pVLANs.
    "Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein
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