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Hi all,

When I am creating Labs in GNS3 I generally start by laying out the foundation, configuring the interfaces and basic routing and then use that as my starting point for testing out different things.

I general try to make the foundation flexible so by adding a few more routers or moving some links I can get scenarios and technologies working together.

for example.

So all IP address are assigned and within each AS the basic routing protocols are running, but it still required inter AS routing configured and tuning to be carried out.

I was just curious if any one new(ish) to GNS 3 would find these kind of topology files useful, and if so I would be happy to post a link to the Zip file here (would not include the IOS, but I generally used a 2961 IOS for all my labbing unless something else is required as I find this the most stable). The latest release of GNS3 I think is great, they have sorted out many of the issues and my desktop with 4gig memory running Windows 7, is currently running at 15% CPU with a 15 router topology running.

I am not going to write full labs and tell people what is required of the "lab", but if you want to save some time setting up the basic of a topology and entering in all IP addresses you are welcome to the files. I do have some other scattered around that are centered more around specific protocols that I might dig out to.

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