Thank You Tech Exams

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Well yesterday morning, went in and sat my 70-270 exam and passed with a score of 820 ..... not as good as I had hoped but good none the less.

The exam was pretty straight forward but I seemed to get a lot of questions regarding portable computers, you know power options, hardware profiles and dialing rules and VPN's

Another area that seemed prominent to me was the RIS services and Sysprep etc.

Anyway glad it is over, looking forward to 70-290 now but to all those that are currently studying the 70-270 I have to recommend the Prep Logic Exams .... the practice exams were VERY similiar to the actual exam and I found them a godsend in preparing me mentally for the actual exam. So muh so that i have now just downloaded the 70-290 Preplogic Practice Exams.

Just waiting for my Microsoft Welcome pack now :)
Certs: A+ / Net+ / MCP 70-270


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