Training Camp VCP Training Boot Camp Warning - Fraud

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Hello, I want to make everyone aware of what is going on with the training camp VCP training boot camp program.

I was interested in attending their VMware Vsphere 5.1 VCP course because they have one local to my area and I wouldnt have to travel:

VCP5-DV - VMware Certified Professional

I noticed that the name of the course is not exactly the same as the names of the official VMware courses that meet the "required course" requirement for the VCP-DCV: (VCP5-DCV) VCP-Datacenter Virtualization

If you read the training camp web page for the course, it says the course is authorized and meets the training course requirement. I was a little worried about forking over $4200 of my company's money for this, so I called vmware to ask. They confirmed that Training Camp is NOT an authorized partner and is not associated with any VATC!!

Holy ****, so I would have attended this class, taking the VCP-DCV, but it would never be a valid cert if I actually inquired with VMware.

I talked to the sales rep and training camp, and he basically screamed at me and hung up the phone on me. Very rude. I think everyone should know about this.

Feel free to call vmware education yourself if you are considering this option for the VCP-DCV: 866-377-4710 option #4
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