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I am going to install and run linux on one of my systems. What version should I download? I was going to run redhat 9 but the redhat team is going to phase it out. and the new feadora is open source. What are most of the severs in industry running? and which one is best to learn well? :)
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    All the linux distros are open source. Fedora is just the non commercial version of redhat's distro. If you plan on working with redhat then fedora is the way to go.
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    To start I would recommend Fedora, Mandriva (both RedHat-based) or Ubuntu (Debian-based).

    The next step is usually Debian to check the powerful package system.

    After that you can go to advanced distributions like Gentoo or Linux From Scratch (LFS).

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    Yeah I'd definately go with Fedora Core 4.
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    Go ahead and run RH9. Who cares what the RH team is going to do. Are you gonna need them for tech support? How many people are still running Win95, Win98, and NT4? Lots. Do those people call Microsoft for tech support? Nope, don't need to.

    Lotsa great info on RH9 in books and on the web. The current OS updates will be available on the RH Network for a long time (or on a DVD-ROM near you).
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