take both 701/702 on the same day or apart?

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In my situation, I have to drive a little over an hour away and show up by 8:15am to take the tests at a high school because for some reason the college in my town has no CompTIA exam times for the rest of the year, and considering I'm trying to get in before the cutoff date for the 700s I'm wondering if I should just knock both tests out on the same day. I'm thinking this might be best just in case I don't pass. I could still have time to retake before the end of the month, but I've heard that doing both on the same day can be taxing to say the least. Thoughts?


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    I would say for your situation to not take them on the same day. In the normal circumstances I would say give yourself at most a week, but in your case I would say give a day in between the two test so if you know your struggling with a certain area in one test. You could review those areas again on the day in between the two days. Good luck with the test!
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