I did it!! I did it!!!

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First, I wanted to thank everyone on the forum for their words of encouragement and advice.

After failing miserably (score 720) the first time last month, I took the test (811) again today and passed with a 900. The first time I took the test, I used only the Wendall Odom ICND Cisco Press book and Boson Network simulator. I chose the simulator instead of actual hardware, so I can load it on my laptop and study anywhere at any time.

While taking the first test, I realized the Odom book was not sufficient and that I had not been fully prepared for the test. I was guessing on many of the questions, which I felt were not covered in the book and rushing due to the time. Scoring 720 was quite an humbling and eye opening experieince especially after intensely studying for so long.

On the suggestion of many on the forum, I went out and bought Todd Lammle's 5th edtion book, which I found to fill in the gaps missing in Odom's book. While taking the test today, it almost felt like it was slow motion, I felt really confident and prepared while answering the questions. I finished the test with 4 minutes left, only because I took extra time on my sim (question 30/40) to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Thanks again to everyone and sorry for the long read.



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