I am very curisous about Novell and e-directory

Could anyone please direct me to good resources on Netware, e-directory and the use of Novell Console One ... and I-manager.

I thank you for your advise.


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    What version of Netware?
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    A lot of Novell's products have been shifted around to different companies owned by Attachmate. (the new owner of Novell). However there are a lot of online resources for their products that can be accessed for free.


    "As of October, 2011, GroupWise® is the only Novell product that uses ConsoleOne as its primary management utility, and other than fixes to ensure that it works properly with GroupWise, no further updates are being made to ConsoleOne." I imagine it's still good to be familiar with the tool in case you run into an old environment.

    ConsoleOne 1.3.x Documentation
    Novell Doc: ConsoleOne 1.3 Doc - Table of Contents

    Identity Manager (imanager)
    ^^ another products moved from Novell to NetIQ

    Novell Documentation
    (this link gives me tons of errors but am able to click through them, Most times when you search for Netware it will redirect you to OES documentation)

    Hopefully that helps a little bit.
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