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I am just starting out, looking for books to study for A+ cert. I have a few books for A+ but they are from 2001 and 2002 I have no idea how many things may have changed since these books came out 11 or 12 years ago. I just wanted opinions on whether I should/could just use these books or if I be better off buying a new one? Also, if anyone can tell me how drastically the information may have changed from then to now?



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    I'd definitely recommend getting new books. Your books would not map to the current exam objectives.
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    Depending on your level of knowledge the A+ Exam Cram by David Prowse could be the only book you need. I breezed through it in a week and passed both practice exams in the back with very few questions missed, then went to the tests included with the Comptia A+ Cert Guide and passed all of them too. You can get the Exam Cram pretty cheap on Amazon, and depending on where you get your vouchers the Cert Guide may come with them, though it is a huge book. I have no intention of reading that one, but the cd included with it is quite useful. Also, there are lots of practice tests and videos online. Use multiple sources.
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    Have you looked at the Professor Messer free A+ videos? Might be all you need to pass.

    Your books are so old and outdated I would personally toss them in the trash.

    if you need new books, search
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