what degree would you choose?

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I recently decided to go back to school to finish a degree, I started many years ago. I looked and talked to many online schools. After a long debate I went with devry, because it had the degree i was looking for and the person i been working with is awesome to deal with. I decided to go with Electronics & Computer Technology, because it is very close to the degree i was working on. Plus I have 19 out of 30 credit hours that can be transferred to devry. But after visiting this forum and doing a little extra research. I am starting to think i should have went with Network Systems Administration. I already have classes I am registered for. They start on September 3, 2013. So, guess what I am asking did I make the wrong decision?

Thank you all for any input that you may or will give me.


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    Why not try what you have started with and see if you liked your first choice. If you think it doesn't work for you then go ahead and try your second option.
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    Science, psychology, philosophy.

    If I was to do another degree ( my first was in zoology ), I would pick one of the above. In fact I would say science is a great foundation for IT, it teaches you how to trouble shoot and think and strangely enough I know a lot of senior IT engineers who have degrees in psychology and philosophy.

    OK there is nothing wrong with doing a pure computing degree, but I think IT is one of the fields that having any degree works in your favour. A lot of companies want there IT staff to understand others business needs, so for example in my case, having both certifications in IT and a degree in science, gives me a big boost when applying for jobs in the academic area.

    So if people have an area of interest out side of IT, then it can be very rewarding to work with in that industry but with in the IT department. Every company needs it now so I think as well as thinking about what area of IT you want to work in, it's also worth thinking what type of industry you would like to support (if any).There is something rewarding when you pick up a science journal and see you company publishing leading research that you have been involved in delivering the IT systems. Much nicer than getting home from work each day from a service delivery company where you do the same thing day in and day out, with no end goal in site and no achievements to look back on over the years.

    And even if you do a pure IT degree, there is often the opatunaty to get credits or complete modules from other fields , and again don't be afraid to do some thing completely out of left field. Again In IT diversity is just as important as specialisation, the more diverse a persons skills and interests, the better they are at coming up with new solutions to answer a issue than simply copying out of a book.
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    Thanks for the input. I decided to stay with my first plan and see how it goes. then branch out from there.
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