Had a Interview last Thursday - I hope I get it

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Hello, I had been working a help desk analyst for almost 2 years coming this October, My job consists of troubleshooting all types of software, hardware issues to the end user for an external client. I had just got an interview for technical support position but is called a software support engineer according to the job post. It went pretty well, and took about 1 hour and half for the interview because I had met with the vice president of the company. This company is a family owned company that is growing and there industry consists of designing, manufacturing, and distributing high performance digital and medical imaging systems to hospitals, clinics, vets ,imaging centers. My pay rate right now at the help desk is $18.54 but the company will be offering between 45k - 50k which is I think around 22-24, plus full benefits after 90 days. just asking people opinion if that is a good choice to take that opportunity. I will be doing technical support as well hands on experience with this digital imaging equipment


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    Good luck, hope you get it. Sounds like an excellent opportunity to rack on more hands-on experience with a decent pay.
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    It's more money, but it might be a dead end job. It kind of depends.

    If all you'll be doing is supporting customers to use this software/hardware package, it won't really help much down the road. Where can you take that experience? Now if supporting this software requires you to do something like getting into the guts of a SQL database to fix issues or generate reports for customers, that could be more valuable.

    None of that isn't to say it can't be profitable to stick around at that company and move up, but it might not be in the traditional way IT guys move up. You might become an implementation engineer for their products and be more like a consultant... you'll just be tied to something very niche and proprietary.
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