*BE AWARE* New 293/94 exams *LIVE TODAY*

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Just sat a 291 and passed, but spoke to a lot of unhappy people who had sat the 293/4 at the same time...they thought they were in the wrong exam!

The new 293/4 now have the same format as the revised 290/91, very graphical; point/click, drag/drop and simulators. The content also seems to have been revised.

I have spoken to a friend of mine who is a trainer who has confirmed that he has received an email from Microsoft Training notifying its trainers of the new format exam which has gone live today (22/09/05). No prior warning...thanks 'Uncle Bill'!

Anybody studying for the 293/4 might want to wait a while for the dust to settle as all the existing self study material may prove of little use now...it's the 290/91 change all over again

*Sorry Folks*
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